Meet Our Founder

The CEO - Jeanelle

Life will bring you many unavoidable disparities, forcing you to experience sorrow and pain. However, pain can be transformed into living in your true purpose when you allow yourself to GROW through it versus go through it. Jeanelle Tyson, the creator of Culture Beads Collection, is a walking testimony of the greatness that can transpire when you are adamant to succeed despite life’s woes.

Her Journey

Upper Marlboro, MD native Jeanelle, grew up in a Grenadian household, where the culture of her ancestors was well respected. As a child, she always carried a loving and caring attitude and remained very close to her mother. She had hopes of becoming a forensic scientist; however, she chose a different path. The loss of her mother led her to the road she is on today. Jeanelle faced a period in her life where she struggled with anxiety. However, she decided to choose a holistic route to cope. 

Her Creation

Jeanelle channeled her emotions creatively and began creating waist beads. She found healing in making waist beads and realized the inner peace that these adornments brought to her. Being a mother, Jeanelle has devoted her time to ensuring a life of peace and positive vibrations for herself and her family. Her energy encompasses any room she enters, and for this reason, she has made it her mission to help others experience the tranquility that resides within her.  

“I created this collection of beads to fulfill an intended purpose for each person that symbolizes the significance of their own journey.”


Culture Beads Collection is not just body jewelry. It is body adornment created to enhance you physically and internally. Our handmade waist beads are uniquely constructed with the most delicate crystals, each symbolizing a form of healing for your soul.  

Culture Beads Collection is designed to empower, enlighten and promote confidence in men, women, and children alike. Our vibrant selection of adornments includes various eccentric bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and so much more.

Waist beads are often associated with weight loss; however, Culture Beads Collection’s handmade waist beads have a deeper meaning. We want you to embrace your body and all its imperfections and thrive in self-acceptance, self-love, and contentment. Every color and crystal used is believed to have the ability to promote positive energy,  inner peace, and confidence. 

Culture Beads Collection’s accessories are pleasing to the eye and beneficial for your spirit. Experience natural, high vibrational energy when you adorn your body with authentic healing crystals and gemstones as you embark on your spiritual journey and align your chakras. 

Culture Beads Collection carries an array of accessories that, when worn, conjure inner peace, elegance, and regality, leaving you to feel and look like the Queens and Kings you are.